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Borgund Upper Secondary School

Borgund Upper Secondary School is one of the district’s biggest US-schools, and it is located in Spjelkavik near the city of Ålesund. The school lies alongside Brusdalsvegen, about 1,5 km east of Moa.

The school has over 900 students and 230 employees. We have six different vocational education programs and special department for facilitated education. The school also has a centre for competence (BORK), that offers services and courses for adult students and businesses.

Today we have a great and exciting facility with different salons, workshops, restaurant and kitchen, a library, a canteen, an auditorium, a gym and different special rooms. Unfortunately, the Electricity and Electronics department is still situated in provisional and rented facilities, but the planning of construction phase 5 is well underway. We hope that the building is finished sometime within 2020.

If you are arriving by school bus, the buses stop at the north side of the school. If you need a parking spot, this can be found by Borgundhallen (the gym).

Borgund USS should be an arena for growth; professional, social and personal. Our aim is to educate ”proud professionals for the future”. We also have some key values.

  • Stimulating and creative cooperation.
  • Wellbeing based on safety, trust and care for each other.
  • Order, structure and overview.
  • Equality, where everyone feels included and is loyal to the school’s values.
  • Clarity and honesty in all relations
  • External cooperation both locally and internationally.

Every year almost 60 of our students travel out in Europe to acquire international work-experience. Depending on the education program, students can apply for 2-3 weeks of practice in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, England or Spain.

For us to be able to take good care of our students, the school offers its own student service. This consists of different counsellors, each one connected to a different department, as well as a school nurse, NAV and OT.

Borgund Upper Secondary school is a result of four different schools merged together, and it is located at the plot of what used to be called ”Borgund Vocational School” in Fremmerholen. In 2001 Borgund USS was merged with Sula USS, in 2004 Nørve was incorporated and as late as in 2010, the Restaurant and food processing classes were moved here from Ørskog.

The school has its own quality system for education and is certified by the DNVGL-ST-0029: 2014-04 standard.